Never Forget

Overcome evil with good

S.E. Fairbanks
1 min readSep 11, 2022

Photo by John Jennings on Unsplash


Never forget to be joyful,
Because joyfulness brings peace.

Never forget to promote peace,
Because a peaceful spirit practices patience.

Never forget to be patient,
Because patience is not too quick to speak.

Never forget to control the tongue,
Because an unguarded tongue often fails to be kind.

Never forget to be kind,
Because kindness brings about much good.

Never forget to be good,
Because evil is overcome with goodness and love.

Never forget to love sincerely,
Because sincere, faithful love is our calling and purpose.

Never forget to be faithful,
Having the grit, passion, and strength is take to practice all these things.

Have the courage to do all these things,
That this world might be a better place for all.

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S.E. Fairbanks

If I must err, let it be in the direction of love. I am a man in process of being perfected in love and growing in Christlikenes.